Human Resource Management in an International Context

Topic: Human Resource Management in an International Context

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Hello , please refer to the attached file . Then :

– Please follow the instructions in the attached file very carefully.
– Please write as an Essay type of writing.
– Please use wide range of appropriate theories /concepts of the international human resource management field as to support the essay.
– Please provide at least 7-9 references .
– Please use different types of sources ( books , academic journals , academic websites etc.. )
– Please use Harvard style of referencing .
– Please refer to the module timetable & core text book provided in the attached file, as it will help you to know the topics covered in the module .
– Please write about 200-250 words for the Introduction part.
– Please write approximately 1750-1800 words for the Main body part of the essay.
– Please write around 200-250 words for the conclusion part.

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