Human Resource Management Metrics- HR Analytics

Human Resource Management Metrics- HR AnalyticsOrder Description
“The strategic role of HR metrics-HR Analytics in contemporary organizations”
1. Overview – The major written project in Human Resource Management will involve each student in conducting first an individual literature review on a topic related to human resource management. In general, a literature review requires the student to research and discuss academic sources and other published information in a particular subject area, and sometimes within a specified timeframe. For this project, the student will be required to construct and articulate a thesis statement, and will argue for a particular perspective on the literature reviewed.
The second part of the major written project will be based on evaluating the specific topic in an existing company, following an interview with the HR Director.

2. Learning Outcomes — Successful completion of this project will contribute to the student’s proficiency in the following learning outcomes:

1. Synthesize and apply knowledge in human resource management to contemporary organizations. (synthesis and application)

3. Content – The following topic will form the basis for the major written project for all students:

“The strategic role of HR metrics-HR Analytics in contemporary organizations”
(check the slides on HR Metrics)
In your project you are expected to first conduct a literature review related to the HR metrics in contemporary organisations. Sources may include some combination of academic journal and professional periodicals, as well as your textbooks.
In your analysis, you need to address the following issues:
1. Explain the concept of HR metrics and discuss whether and how HR metrics can support an organisation’s business strategy.
2. Critically evaluate the effectiveness of HR metrics, taking into account the advantages as well as challenges and limitations in their use.

As the topic has been characterized one of the most contemporary issues in HR, it is interesting and important to explore it in an actual organization. Thus, in the second part of your paper, you should address the following:
2. Analyze and evaluate how GOOGLE uses HR metrics. Examine the kind / type of metrics utilised (either generally or specifically related to a project) and the reasons for which these metrics are selected. You need to conduct an interview with an HR Director or base your analysis on secondary data (e.g. newspapers, magazines).

3. Format – Each student will prepare the major written project using the following required format:
Table of Contents – identifies the sections (introduction, main body, conclusion, and the appropriate headings and subheadings throughout) in the written project and the associated page number for each
• Introduction – includes a brief statement of what the student intends to accomplish in the project, and a summary of what follows in main body.
• Main Body – includes the development of the selected topic (with appropriate headings and subheadings within the main body).
• Conclusion – includes a brief statement of what you have accomplished through your discussion in the main body of the project.
• References – identifies the academic sources and other published information which you have used (e.g., journal articles, web sources of a documentable nature, books, your textbook in this course, conference proceedings, interviews, questionnaires); please refrain from using Wikipedia and other wiki sources, as generally, they are not considered to be academic sources.
• Attachments – includes written material, visual aids and graphics that you choose not to place in the main text.
• Appendix – includes related material not deemed necessary to be in the main text.
• Folder – Place the project in a folder of your choice, or staple pages together in the upper left corner.

5. Mechanics – Each student should adhere to the following technical requirements:
Documentation: APA style is required; a guide is available at: – Easybib Pro
• Word length: 1,800 – 2,200 words; it is compulsory to report the number of words at the end of the paper. A violation of the specified word limit results in a 10% grade penalty in the student’s work.
• Submission: The project must be word processed, and each student will submit the project electronically and in paper copy.
• Typing: Use letter font 12. Please double space. Leave normal space between paragraphs. Use headings and subheadings where appropriate.

6. Formative assessment/Outline – You are expected to provide me with a brief outline of your project. It will include the main ideas and arguments, the name of the company and the manager you will interview, as well as a list of the questions you intend to ask. This is a necessary formative assessment, before you start writing your project.

7. Contact person – Please note that you may contact an HR manager, a family member who works or owns a business, or you may use your own experience if you are professionally employed. Please include the contact person’s card.

8. Project Due Date – All projects are due in excellent form on a date to be announced at the beginning of class. Please follow carefully the progress of your work effort so that you will meet this deadline. Where coursework is submitted late and there are no accepted extenuating circumstances it will be penalised in line with the following tariff: Late assignments will be penalized by 10% of their original grade for each day the assignment is late. The maximum penalty for late submissions fewer than 7 days will be a grade of 40. Late assignments originally receiving a grade less than 40 UK points will also be penalized by 10% of their original grade for each day the assignment is late. Assignments submitted 7 or more days late will receive a mark of zero.

9. Evaluation – The written project will be evaluated using the Evaluation Rubric for Major Written Project – Level 6, a copy of which is available on acgboard.
10. Contribution to Final Course Grade – The major written project is 40% of the final course grade.
11. Originality and Authenticity – The rules of academic ethics apply when undertaking this major written project, including the requirements that the student undertakes the major written project without improper or unauthorized assistance from anyone. If it is determined that the project is not done individually and solely by the student, the instructor may grade the major written project as an F.
12. Turnitin – Each student must submit electronically the major written project to Turnitin prior to submitting it to the academic staff.

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