Identify Overall Scope/ Analysis of Unexpected Results

Paper details:

Deadline- Dec 20, 2015
THIS PAPER SHOULD BE AN ESSAY IN APA (the questions in word document should be answered base on my previous work in Unexpected event & Overall Scope – Project scope document).

Using the results of your work from week two project Identify Overall Scope/ Analysis of Unexpected Results; two additional events will be introduced. You will again analyze the impact of these events to the final project.
In a 2-3 page Word document, discuss your analysis on the following events:

1. It is discovered the refrigerated module is too large for the designed refrigerated backpack pouch. What is your course of action?
2. The subcontractor assigned to build the radio module for the backpack has shut down. What is your course of action?

In your analysis, you should discuss four areas affected by these unexpected events. Three of the areas of the project affected by the events should include changes to budget, human capital, and impact to schedule, and identify one additional area affected by these events.

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