The focus of this week?s assignment is identifying research components. You will be responsible for reviewing two articles (listed below) and completing the following tasks for each one:
? Summarize each article utilizing the Week 2 research template.
? Identify and describe the problem, purpose, and hypothesis or research questions of each study.
? Analyze and discuss the significance of the research to nursing practice.
? Identify two details to support the research as qualitative or quantitative.
? NOTE: If a component is absent, student receives a zero for that component.
Cite all sources in APA format.

Cite both articles reviewed in APA style:

***In the template, any direct quotes from the articles needs to only include the page number.

Week 2 Template Quantitative Article Qualitative Article
Summarize the two assigned articles. In a paragraph, describe in your own words what the study was about and what the researchers found.

Identify and describe the problem for each article

Identified the purpose statement for each article

Identified hypothesis and/or
research questions depending on the methodology used in the articles.

After analyzing, discuss each article?s significance to nursing practice.

Identify two details to support the study being quantitative or qualitative

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