Igniting Your Passion

Igniting Your Passion
You have made the decision to continue your formal education and pursue an advanced graduate degree. As you reflect on the title of this learning module, “Igniting Your Passion, {Passion:
Think about yourself 5 years from now. In what area do you wish to be an expert? What drives you so much that you find yourself talking about it all the time? Researching and reading about something for which you are passionate will help you with motivation and perseverance throughout your program}.

” consider your topics {Topics:
You will be spending a lot of time on the topic that you select. Think of an area that interests you most. If you are passionate about writing, for example, what area of writing interests you? Writing conferences? Writing process? Writing and special education students?}
of interest in fields related to education. What factors contributed to your decision? Have you considered how you might pursue your passion in your course work? What expectations do you have of yourself and of the degree program?
In this Discussion, you will focus on the topics that ignite your passion as well as the passions of your colleagues.
Post by Day 4 (of Module 1) a description of the work you are doing in your professional practice. Also, expand on your work-related experience, so you and your colleagues can get to know one another and begin building a network with each other as you journey through your program.
Then, explain what motivated you to pursue an advanced graduate degree in education, and identify three topics of interest in fields related to education that ignite your passion. Finally, explain why these topics are important to you.