This paper is about an imaginative exhibition which exhibits Mathew Reichertz’ works “The Fight”, “Dog Park” and “Garbage”. It is to be written as an exhibition statement. The Exhibition will take place at NSCAD’s University’s Port Campus in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada. The outline must refer to this:

The intro: who is the artist? What is the work? What ideas or concepts are
being explored in the work? What questions does it raise? What is your main
point of interest in the work? What is the show’s main purpose?

Body of paper: How is the work made–materials, techniques, creative process?
How are its visual effects achieved?
Why was it created? What is the artist’s intention in making the work?
How do some specific pieces from your show demonstrate these things? Remember
to use examples.
How does the exhibition space help viewers appreciate the work and the concepts
behind it?

Conclusion: How and why do the work and the exhibition matter? Why are they
significant? Maybe this relates back to your thoughts as curator about the
concepts and ideas being explored.

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