Hello sir do you remember the paper that you wrote about Immersion Proposal Action Plan (IPAP) “you will see the uploaded ” there is a little problem which was” I need YOU to immerse yourself in an unfamiliar setting not someone else”. Professor said. you got that she needs from me to write about myself experience that is what i need you to make it up

on this paper you need to write an final paper about this topic
Immersion Learning Experience: Because the only way to truly learn about ourselves in terms of personal biases and feelings is to immerse ourselves in different settings, you are each expected to expose yourselves to others who are culturally different than you. The student might work with the wheelchair sports office on campus, attend different religious services and events, help out at the senior center, work with international students, or other opportunities you discover. The student must observe people in settings not familiar to the student. This must be done this semester and pre-approved.

Please note:

Credit will be earned only if the setting is truly culturally unique to the student

Some of the points for this paper will be earned by getting prior approval for the experience and verifying by an undisputable photograph or a signature and contact information of an individual directly involved in the experience observed. All evidence will be submitted through Brightspace.

and please follow the uploaded paper

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