Your topic will be immigration, ideally as it relates to California. Since this is an evaluative argument, your prompt asks the question “is immigration good or bad?” You will of course need to narrow your thesis, first by discussing a more specific aspect of immigration and second by making an evaluation that is more concrete. So some sample prompts might be “does illegal immigration reduce the number of jobs available for native workers?” or “do high numbers of non-English speaking immigrant children in elementary schools contribute to education by adding broader cultural understanding?” or “has immigration negatively impacted Californians’ health by introducing global viruses?”
You must use a minimum of five valid sources only two of which may be websites (evaluated using the CRAAP test). Other sources may include books, papers from the government and academic sources, print magazines, newspapers, and journals. Your essay should paraphrase and quote directly from those sources, using MLA formatted in-text citations and works cited page.

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