Impact of media violence

Paper details:Writing Assignment ThreeDue at midnight on Friday 15 April 2016

The goal for Writing Assignment 3 (WA3) is: A) for you to become familiar with using the Psychology Database to find relevant research articles, B) to be able to read and report on the findings of the research article in a short paper and, C) to be able to accomplish the written report using APA style.

Step One: Review the rubric and the sample paper for WA2 and identify the errors made on Writing Assignment 2 and FIX them!!!!. You can use WA2 as a rough draft for this Research Assignment. If you fail to view the comments on WA2 will receive a 0 (zero) for WA 3.
Step Two: Find one more primary research article that helps you better answer your research question. You know how to do this by using the PsychInfo database through the library link. Be sure that you now have a total of 3 primary sources. If you do not have 3 PRIMARY sources you will lose at least 50 points.
Step Three: Rewrite your WA2 paper so that it is focused on the research question and is not a serial review. This paper must be at least 4 pages of text. It should include a cover page and a reference page which brings the minimum page count to 6.
Step Four: Make sure you have used YOUR OWN words. Do NOT use the author’s words. I do not want to see ANY quoted material.
Step Five: Review your statements of facts in your paper. Is it clear where those ideas came from? You need to cite them using APA style (Brubaker, 2013).
Step Six: Make sure that you have included the data (means, percentages, correlation values, etc.) to support your statements about the research conclusions.
Step Seven: Make sure that EVERYTHING is double spaced and uses 12 point Times New Roman Font. EVERYTHING means the running head, cover page, text and reference section.
Step Eight: Submit this 6 page document (cover page, four pages of text, and a reference page) electronically through our class site. Use the Turnitin link called Writing Assignment Three under the Content button in the folder for Writing Assignment 3.
Step Nine: Now you can view the originality report that turnitin created. View the highlighted sections in the originality report. Make sure that whole sentences have not been copied from any source. Short phrases are OK but if your originality report is more than 8 to 10% then you should look at it very closely. Now you can delete those plagiarized sentences and rewrite them in your own words. Then you can resubmit your paper to the same link. Your last submission will be accepted as the final paper.
Step Ten: Breathe a sigh of accomplishment and smile because you have submitted it on time.

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