Implementation and Dissemination of Evidence

instructions: Implementation and Dissemination of EvidenceGrading Criteria:
1. What evidence are you proposing to translate into practice?
a. Justify that this evidence is “ready for translation.”
2. What is the quality (performance) gap?
3. What is the outcome gap?
4. Is there evidence that changing performance will improve health (clinical outcomes)?
5. Identify your target population / community
a. Explain why each is a stakeholder for your project.
b. Describe your plan for approaching potential partners to ask for their
c. Identify which stages of your project you will incorporate community input, and
describe what types of input you will solicit.
6. Discuss the translational models including the change process selected for this
intervention /activity.
a. Identify with background information on the translational models selected.
b. Describe the organizational and/or delivery system environment in which your
intervention will take place.
c. Identify organizational barriers that could potentially impede successful
implementation of your proposed intervention.
d. Describe how your intervention plan can take advantage of organizational
strengths OR propose practical methods for addressing these barriers within your
7. Discuss the anticipated outcomes or impact
a. Identify the process and outcome indicators (that reflects changes in environment,
organizational culture, systems of care, patient or public behavior, and/or clinician
behaviors) associated with the program and briefly describe an approach to
measuring each.
8. Discuss ethical and legal issues in the translation of evidence into practice. How will you
address these issues?
9. Identify policy implications for this translational activity
a. What strategies will you use to reach policymakers?
10. Name three ways you plan to share your results.
11. Conclusion

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