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Rubric for the Book Review Trait Exemplary
Gives excellent information about author and intended audience, and scholarly credibility and importance of the book.
Summary Clearly describes the main theme, arguments, and conclusions of the book in his/her own words. Shows good understanding of main points and avoids superfluous detail.
Economic Concepts, Theories, and Models (10 points) A very clear depiction of key economic concepts, theories, and models used in the book.
Notes and highlights on the book (15) All chapters have meaningful and significant number of notes and highlights showing the book was read thoroughly
Evidence or examples (15 points) Perceptively describes the kinds of evidence/ examples used to support the claims in the book, shows strong ability to evaluate usefulness and relevance of evidence.
Critical review of the book’s arguments (10 points) Thoughtful evaluation of strengths and weaknesses of text, pointing to other evidence or questions that seem to support or weaken the argument. Shows a strong evidence of reading the book in its entirety.
Language (5 points) The paper is written with perfect English without any writing errors.
Length (5 points) The paper is between 7-10 pages written with 12 points font size, and 1.5 line space.
References are given for anything taken from external sources.
Concluding recommendation (5 points) Clear description of appropriate conclusions which can be drawn from the results.

Outline for the Book Review Paper
1. Title Page
2. Background (5 points)
3. Summary (5 points)
4. Economic Concepts, Theories, and Models (10 points)
5. Notes and highlights on the book (15)
6. Evidence or examples (15 points)
7. Critical review of the book’s arguments (10 points)
8. Language (5 points) 9. Length (5 points)
10. References
11. Concluding recommendation (5 points)

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