There are various motivations that can affect the tax policy one adopts: (1) To develop a tax policy that stimulates the economy, reduces unemployment, helps to pay down the national deficit, or addresses the issue of economic inequality. Define and defend the individual income tax policy you would employ. Be absolutely certain to respond to the strongest arguments against your position and to research the question using quality secondary sources from economic experts.

Essay Instructions: Select one of the following essays and write a 3-5 page double-spaced take-home essay.
Critical Thinking: Most (but not all) essays will be persuasive papers on a controversial topic. I require that you grasp the question at hand and the basic arguments with respect to that question. I expect you to define a thesis and support that thesis with evidence and logic. Very importantly, I will look to see that you have examined sources that take a point of view counter to your thesis and that you, in the course of your essay, respond to the strongest arguments counter to your thesis. I’m NOT looking for a particular political point of view; I’m looking for critical thinking. There are no politically correct positions you must adopt to get a good grade. In fact, to grade your essay, I will assume the perspective of the other side (even in, in reality, I agree with you). I will think of all the strongest arguments on the other side and look to see if you acknowledged and responded to those in the course of your essay.
Sources and Citations: I do care that you use primary and secondary sources and you include tertiary sources only when the question requires it (e.g. commentary on current events). I require an absolute minimum of two primary or secondary sources; one of which must be counter to your thesis. It is often useful to have three or four citations. It is essential that you cite both at the end of the paper in a work cited page and as appropriate throughout the text. Be careful to avoid plagiarism. If you still have doubts about citation (e.g. what a secondary source is or when to cite) ask me or consult the writing center. If English is not your first language I encourage you to work with the writing center to perfect your English and use you your consultation with me for comments on content.
To avoid plagiarism, translate arguments found on these primary and secondary sources into your own words. I don’t mean shuffling a few words around but a complete restatement of the argument. Direct quotes are sometimes useful but they should also be rare.

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