Required sections:
Topic: Must be Business related
Length: Approximately 4 – 6 pages (750 ? 1,300 words)
? APA Format (check on Canvas for complete details)
? Cover Page (not counted as a page)
? Reference Page (not counted as a page)
? Citations
? Grammar
? Conclusion
? Must contain Excel Charts and Graphs embedded in paper

sample topics are:

1. Where do you want to work, research the company
2. What is your dream job (industry)
3. What is your major, look at job market
4. Companies (Tesla, Chipotle, Enron, Nike, Apple, Microsoft, Samsung, Walmart)
5. Purchasing Power
6. Pharmacies and Tobacco
7. Industries (Auto, transportation, banking, retail parties, music, energy, food)
8. Freeware, Apps

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