Please choose ONE of the following options…
A. After watching the brief film about The Ramayana, do some Internet research to see if you can find a film version or web site that specializes in the story and its

art. Analyze the web site (if found) and describe its pros and cons in a 3 page essay with pictures, if appropriate. Make sure to cover how this site does or does not

reflect on the culture we studied, especially how it might relate to Islamic Indonesia.
B. Do some research about mask-making in Indonesia. Using pictures to illustrate your project, take us through the process of making a mask, including how this art

reflects the religious faith of the culture, how the masks are used in ceremony and theater and what is involved in learning this craft. Do NOT just copy information

from the film Dance of Bali!
C. Try to profile the film industry in Indonesia—is there one? Who are the important directors or producers or stars. You can put this into an essay, including

pictures as appropriate, titles of films, etc.


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