Historical research necessitates utilization of primary sources such as newspapers. From colonial times, newspapers in this country have been important in reporting, interpreting, and sometimes shaping events.

For this project, select a topic that we have studied in our course and locate three historical newspaper articles that discuss your chosen subject. This can most easily be accomplished by utilizing the NSCC library historic newspaper database. Go to the library home page and select Find Research Guides, then scroll down to Social Sciences and select Historical Newspapers. The NSCC librarians would be happy to assist you if needed.

What to Do

Think of a topic you have found of interest. Introduce your chosen topic in an opening paragraph (slavery, China, World War I, African colonization, English monarchs, Vietnam, the rights of women, etc. The possible list is endless). Then locate three articles that address the subject you have chosen. NOTE: All three articles must be on the same topic.

Discuss the three articles you select one at a time. Start with the first one you chose- underline its title and year of publication, give a couple paragraphs summary of the article and then a couple paragraphs of your analysis of it. Your analysis should answer the following questions:

Is the article historically valuable? How so? (Be specific)
Is the article biased? Describe that bias and its impact.
Does the article help us in understanding the past? How so? (Be specific)
How does the article differ (if at all) from current historical perceptions about this event?
Then do that two more times for the other two articles. You should end up with about one typed page per article for approximately three pages total plus a bibliography.

Use double spacing, 11-point Calibri, one inch margins and other proper structuring when doing this assignment.

To Submit Your Project

There is an area to submit titled ‘Primary Source Analysis Paper’ in the contents area. This project will help you learn the fundamental methods of research used in history, and will assist you in learning to analyze and critically evaluate what you find, as well as connecting the past with the present.

Please note that all papers are checked for plagiarism using Turnitin.  Any paper found to be plagiarized will be assigned a grade of zero and/or other disciplinary action as described by the college’s code of academic dishonesty.

The paper is worth 400 points (40% of the overall grade). The due date for the primary source analysis paper will be forthcoming. Papers submitted after the due date will have fifty points deducted before grading begins.


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