Industry Analysis Paper


Our course allows you to learn a little about many legal issues that come up in various industries. This project is designed to allow you to focus on the industry in which you are most interested, and obtain a deeper understanding of how the law impacts the businesses and people working in that industry.

Here is what the assignment requires:
Choose an industry. Some suggestions are listed here, but you can come up with your own as well: health care; digital; biomedical; marketing; advertising; sustainability; consulting; finance; accounting/audit; manufacturing; consumer products; travel; real estate.
Research the industry and the legal issues faced, using text research as well as at least one interview.
Write a 5-6 page paper on the top two legal issues faced by your industry.

This is a research project. One of the learning goals of the assignment is to make you aware of, and literate in, the thousands of excellent resources available through our library. When you graduate and work, you will likely be required to be able to access and understand information such as SEC filings, industry reports, and the like. This is your chance to practice and develop your research skills. There are two requirements for your research: 1) text research and 2) an interview.

You must cite at least 15 sources in your paper. These can range from books to news articles to industry reports to company filings.

For your interview, please find at least one person who works in the relevant industry. Conduct an interview (skype or phone is fine, in person is better), asking the person to tell you about the ways in which legal issues touch his or her work in that industry. You must submit an email or signed letter from the person interviewed attesting to the time and date of the interview. Attach it to the end of your paper with your works cited page. If you have trouble finding a person to interview, let me know. The person does not have to be in the U.S.

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