In a 5 page paper, you will critically analyze and contrast the competitive strategy of the two companies JC PENNY and MACYS and then develop a competitive profile for each.

In the essay include each company’s = (SWOT) Strength, weaknesses, opportunities and threats in the industry from RESEARCH. Include = Michael Porter 5 forces for each company (Barrier of entry, threats of substitutions, bargaining power of buyers, bargaining power of suppliers and competitive rivalry). Include each company Blue Ocean strategy. Put this in different paragraph by providing title of each paragraph.

The competitive profile of each company should answer the following questions: (Include the questions in the essay as the title of each paragraph)

1. What is each company’s current competitive strategy (be specific)?

2. What are they doing to improve their current competitive position?

3. What likely moves or strategy shifts will they make?

4. Where is each company most vulnerable?

5. What competitive moves will provoke the greatest and most effective retaliation by each company?

6. Would you recommend the continuation or modification of each company’s current strategy (support your rationale with specifics)?

Use articles for the researches from website is the most important things for all the facts you put.

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