Inequality, prejudice and discrimination of men and women

Inequality, prejudice and discrimination of men and women
Select an issue, argument or matter within the assigned topic that is of great interest to you. This topic should be something that will maintain your interest during the course and perhaps longer.

Once your Inquiry Paper topic has been approved, the three page paper should include all of the following information:

1. What the topic is.. that is how you have defined the subject of your interest. : how it has change over the years.

2. Why you chose this topic: men and women

3. What are/were your assumptions when you first began investigating this topic

4. What you found regarding the topic

5. What did you find most interesting about this topic

6. What did you find most disturbing about this topic

7. What did you find that was most surprising about this topic

8. What are your final remarks,/conclusions regarding this topic.. Were your initial assumptions proven true or false…why or why not

9. What additional information would you like to learn about this topic

10. How will you incorporate what you have learned into your overall life experience

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