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Using the research question and two variables your learning team developed for the Week 2 Business Research Project Part 1 assignment, create a no more than 350-word inferential statistics (hypothesis test). Include:(a) The research question(b) Mock data for the independent and dependent variablesDetermine the appropriate statistical tool to test the hypothesis based on the research question.Conduct a hypothesis test with a 95% confidence level, using the statistical tool.Interpret the results and provide your findings.Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines.Submit both the spreadsheet and the paper.Click the Assignment Files tab to submit your assignment.The independent
variable is the number of stores that offer front of store recycling. The dependent variable is the number of cups being recycled when the front-of-store
recycling project is offered as opposed to coffee houses that do not offer
the front of the store recycling project. 71% of stores were able to recycle or
compost hot cups (Starbucks, 2014). DOTA added front-of-store recycling in more
than 1,200 locations and continues to see a strong 90% acceptance rate of cold
cups (Starbucks, 2014). Data suggest
a decline in overall acceptance of hot cups due to limitations of recycling
technology in several markets (Starbucks, 2014).
Based on challenges faced by DOTA
Coffeehouse, and the variables identified, this study is focused on
determining, whether the presence of recycling units in front of stores affects
,the number of cups recycled.  Therefore,
Team A’s research seeks to answer the question, “Is there a relationship
between the number of cups recycled and the presence of recycling units in
front of DOTA stores?”
Hypothesis 1:  There is an increase in cups being recycled
when front of store recycling is provided compared to when no front of store
recycling is provided. Null Hypothesis 1: There is no difference in the number
of cups being recycled as a result of store front or no store front recycling.

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