Information System Project


Information System Project

The number of employees Taste of India has is 7 employees and the car they use for delivery is Toyota Corolla it costs $8000. The website of the

restaurant is The website has menu and about section also the hours. So you can paraphrase the greek restaurant

to the indian restaurant based on the information in this order and the website of the restaurant.

– In consultation with the organization, clearly identify at most three threats/opportunities
for the organization that can be addressed/exploited by some type of computer-based
information system.
– Identity at least three realistic information systems that you feel will sufficiently address
these threat(s)/opportunity(ies).
– Prioritize your solutions, justify each with respect to benefits, costs, feasibility,
implementation, and so on, and make a clear recommendation for a particular
information system. Bear in mind the managerial, organizational as well as
technological issues.
– Please include diagrams. You could the idea of the diagrams from another sources.

Two samples of the project the professor has attached, and they are attached too in this order.

The greek restaurant project has been handed in last year to the same professor, so please make sure to do not look alike. And please Follow the

instructions and the samples.
the restaurant has opened in December 20, 2006

1. Company Background:
(A) Case Study Perspective: The purpose of this case study is to analyze the systems of information and processes that companies use, and how they

are implemented. It is an established fact that information systems constitute the structure of an organization. Moreover, the main ingredient of an

information system is data because an information system cannot be employed without the data. An organization needs a useful and efficient

information system in order to sustain. In this case study, the “Favorite Greek restaurant” will be studied for its information system and the

threats that this company is subjected to. Finally, ways to address the challenges will be discussed. Several factors play their role in the success

and growth of a restaurant like convenience of location for the customers, an appealing menu, sufficient funds, good management, recruitment of

competent staff, and proper scheduling. Management needs adequate amount of inventory, budget operational expenses, and cost effective supplies to

make a restaurant prosper and its business profitable. An efficient information system helps the management achieve this. Information systems are

definitely any organization’s backbone since they offer information that users can use to enhance their efficiency and productivity at work. Users

also use information systems to have quick access to the data needed for making such decisions as the items to be restocked or excluding a drink from

the menu because it does not sell. Information systems play a critical role in the management of a restaurant’s daily functions. Managers can use

adequate information systems to keep track of the sales and expenses to help a company minimize its costs and plan for the future costs well in

advance. (B)Resturant Background: The owner and the CEO of the Favorite Greek restaurant is George. George operates the whole business and is the

major decision maker as well as the main chef. Kitchen is managed by the chef. The chef oversees how cooks prepare the meals, performs inventory

checks, and places the order for drinks and food items with the suppliers. An assistant manager runs the entire restaurant which includes developing

schedules for the servers, dealing with the complaints of the customers, and closing the restaurant at night. Orders are taken and meals are served

to the customers by the waiters and waitresses.

The Favorite Greek restaurant founded in May 2006 exists on 360 George Street North, Peterborough, ON. This restaurant that offers lunch and dinner

has 14 employees in total. The restaurant also contains a bar to serve different sorts of drinks and alcoholic beverages to the customers. Many

customers visit the restaurant on major events and festivals in the town, and the business of the restaurant flourishes. Customers get a great dining

experience at the Favorite Greek restaurant. It is an ideal place to visit because of its vibrant ambiance, variety of meals, and friendly staff

members. Both locals and tourists can easily access the restaurant since it is located in the heart of downtown Peterborough.


Assistant Manager






2.The Favorite Greek’s Information System Architecture:
(A)Current IS (information system) The Favourite Greek restaurant uses three information systems to run its operation. The first system used is

called Maitre’D. It is the most crucial tool needed to control the administration and management aspect of the business. Maitre’D is one of the

leading provider of most restaurant POS software around in around the globe. It offers a variety of solutions to simplify restaurant and hospitality

management systems. There are lots of big companies that are using this system. The program simplifies the order taking process and makes it easier

for the management to handle. It sends all of the inputted information to both kitchen and bar. For instance, when a customer finish his/her order

all of the info would be taken to the right section, the food selection is sent to the kitchen and drinks would be sent to the bar. This program also

keeps track of the level of inventory and other operational supplies that are used by all staff. It keeps detailed records of cash and credit card

transactions. The benefit of this is is to reduce time and costs. Figure :1 depicts the Maitre’D information system and how it functions. It helps

keep track of items bought by customers. Moreover, The restaurant have chosen to use “Excel” spreadsheet program as their third system;to organizes

and calculate multiple activities that includes: inventory, profits, and supplies.















The Favourite Greek has multiple devices: main computer that serves as POS, and three printers. Each device has a specific task to perform, along

with a with separate authorization capabilities. waiters/waitress input the orders into the device on touch screen and the information is sent

directly to either the kitchen or bar printer to be taken by the cook or bartender. Then, the main printer then creates an invoice of that order. The

most vital part of the system is the main computer, which is considered a server. It provides a great deal of detail about sales and orders, which in

turn assists the manager to monitor the activities of the business. The main system printer produces another hard copies of the sales made from from

orders. These copies is passed onto the government for tax purposes. The accountant gathers the figures from the main system, and transfers them into

Microsoft Excel to calculate the revenues and expenses of the restaurant in order to prepares the financial statements as shown in figure: 2. Hence,

Excel is The Favourite Greek’s only accounting method. In case of crisis or emergency to main system , hard copies of orders becomes the only method

to gather sales information. Maitre’D





MS Excel

Emergency plan to calculate pro?t

(B)The Favourite Greek mission: The mission of the favourite greek restaurant is to provide to the customers with the best dining experience by

offering high quality of food and beverages, Our satisfaction comes when we see the joy that our cuisine brings to you and your family in very

convenient environment. (C)Competing with competition: Based on the experience of George Vassiliadis; the CEO of Favourite Greek restaurant, we found

that Maitre’D POS software is one of the most important and widely used restaurant software in Canada and global wide. Prior to owning, he worked in

3 separate restaurants, all of which used the same software. After conducting some research, we discovered that many establishments,


including his competitors, use Maitre’D. Some of the big users to this system includes: Duke’s Chowder House, Baskin Robbins, Pita Pit and many more.

(D)Meeting Industry Demand: POS software completes orders in real time in order to provide quick service and satisfy customer demand. It is an ideal

solution for businesses seeking a fast information system. It is simple to use. Workers do not require intensive training to use it. Orders are

instantly sent to the kitchen. When dining at a restaurant, customers expect high quality food in a timely manner.

(E)Emergency Plan: The safety of information is not 100% guaranteed. The Favourite Greek’s manager takes this fact seriously and has prepared an

emergency plan to ensure that the restaurant can function in the event that a crisis occurs. If the issue is a low risk , such as water damage to one

of the server’s devices, the other two can be used until the software provider can repair it. If the system breaks down completely, they contact the

POS software provider immediately for assistance. Unfortunately, it takes a day for support personnel to look into a problem. This can halt

operations and temporarily stop business. This leaves The Favourite Greek restaurant with no choice but to ring in orders and tally expenses the old

fashion way. Receipts and expenses must be recorded by hand until the POS provider fixes the problem. (F) Advantages: There are many advantages to

using POS software. Aside from it being easy to use, it keep track of orders placed and what meals and beverages are most popular. The information

gathered by this software assists managers with stocking the right inventory. It can also be used to monitor the performance of servers based on the

number of orders each one places. It can also give managers an idea of how many meals are Maitre’D
System ordered during a certain time of day, which will assist them with scheduling the right amount of people. For example, if most meals are

ordered during the evening, the manager can schedule more workers during that time. POS is one of the most valuable software used for managing

restaurants and placing orders. By quickly delivering the necessary information to the right place, the restaurant is able to satisfy customers with

speedy service. Excel, which is another system used by the Favourite Greek restaurant, is an inexpensive application used to calculate numbers, as

well as create graphs, charts and tables. Month to month sales and expenses can be compared.


(G)Disadvantages: These problems pose certain problems. While the POS software offers different kinds of benefits to the restaurants, its IT system

is weak. It is exposed to the risk of virus attacks and natural disasters like any other information system. Unfortunately, there is no formal way in

the POS that can help address these issues other than reaching the service provider. Another issue faced by the Favorite Greek restaurant is the use

of unprofessional software for accounting because of which, some very important decisions are overlooked. The information provided by the POS and

Excel is insufficient to create financial statements. Some solutions to the security issues faced by the Favorite Greek restaurant will be discussed


Problems 1- No backup or recovery system to store data in case of emergency or crisis. 2- Traditional way (old style) for taking table reservation.

interruption to servers helping dinners, long wait in answering calls. 3- No Online ordering system Urgency ASAP Rank 1 Solution – Buying

professional backup system to store all data on daily basis with secure encryptions . – Adding plug-ins/add-ons on their website in order to book

tables online.

1-3 months


3-6 Months


– Buying used care and getting services from provides to create an online ordering system.

(A)Threat #1: The weak IT system used by The Favorite Greek restaurant is one of the threats to any organization’s success. There is no backup and

recovery system in place to save their information in the event of an emergency.The main system is installed at a home computer level; therefore it

lacks the high processing performance of the average business software. Retrieval of information is slowed down and storage is limited. In the event

that the main system fails or shuts down unexpectedly, any information inputted at that given time is lost. When questioned about the lack of a

backup and recovery system, the owner stated that due to security purposes, all records are kept in one place.


Solution #1: Data is considered to be the history of a company. Not only does it help keep track of inventory, sales and expenses, it allows managers

to make forecasts about future costs. In order to safeguard data in case of an emergency and overcome the threats faced by The Favorite Greek, the

restaurant should invest in a backup system. It should be embedded into the main IS with an acceptable server level to process Greek’s data properly.

We recommend a server that serves as a host for the main information system with high performance processing called PowerEdge T310, which is made by

DELL. This server ensures that all data is in one place, which facilitates quick retrieval and safe storage. If The Favorite Greek wishes to take

additional steps to ensure the safety of valuable data, they can invest in a backup server called an LTO-3-080 Tape Drive which is also made by DELL.

It has the capacity to store up to 400 GB. This facilitates the storing of long-term data. (B)Threat #2: Another threat that The Favorite Greek

management faces is that they do not have an online reservation of tables for the customers. Nowadays, The restaurant is using phone booking which is

disruptive for the dinners, sometimes. To illustrate this, a customer may call the restaurant and no one answers the phone because they are busy

serving other customers. Hence, they might lose some customers during rush hours. Solution #2: Obviously, the good solution for this problem is that

The Favorite Greek should add an online reservation on their website( as shown in figure 3). Adding a link for booking on their website will not cost

them no money. Instead, they are going to gain more customers because they provide this service for their customers’ convenience.

(C) Threat #3: Last threat that faces The Favorite Greek is that they do not offer a home delivery service. The problem with this is that the

business may lose a potential number of customers who prefer to make an order from home either through phone or online order. Consequently, customers

dissatisfaction might occurs. Solution #3: Offering an online and phone ordering will avoid this problem. For example, other competitors such as

Boston Pizza offers an online order where customers can go to their website and set their delivery orders. This is a very convenient way to

attracting more customers as well as getting more income to the restaurant. In order to do this, The Favorite Greek needs to hire an employee for

delivery; and they may pay around 10.25$ per hour. In


addition, buying a used car for delivery is going to benefit the restaurant itself. For instance, putting a sign on the delivery car is a great way

to advertise the business wherever it goes; and the sign should display the business name, a description of the service, the phone number, and the

website address as well.

4.Benefits and Implementation
A)PowerEdge T320 server & PowerEdge T320 Implementation: 1- Hire an employee with a strong technical background. 2- Provide training for the new

employee and current workers. Benefits: 1- Increase safety in the information system . 2- Ensure that all informations are saved. 3- Securing data,

tracking sales and revenues and increasing storage space

B)Online Reservation Implementation: 1-Takes about few minutes from website administrator . 2- Delegate this task to one of the employees to take

care of the reservation. Benefits: 1- Very convenient for customers. 2- Employees do not have to worry about answering phone calls during rush hours.
C)Online ordering system

Implementation: 1- Establish an online ordering on the website. *Menu Drive 2- Purchase a used vehicle for the delivery service. 3- Hire a driver for

the delivery service. Benefits: 1- Attracting more customers which leads to increase in revenues. 2- Customer satisfaction. 3- Getting a competition


These enhancements will increase customer service by providing fast service.


# 1 2 3 4

Items Dell-PowerVault LTO-3-080 Tape Drive (backup system) Dell-PowerEdge T320 (server)+ Microsoft Windows server system 2012 *Menu Drive – Online

ordering system /year Hyundai Accent 2008 -Used (Delivery Service)

Price $920.00 $1,199.00 $828.00 $5,000.00

5 –

Add-ons/plug-ins for online table reservation Estimated total

$0.00 $7,947.00


This case study was taken by interviewing George Vassiliadis, the CEO and owner of Favourite Greek restaurant. The group had 3 meetings with a total

of one hour per meeting. All of the informations in this report were gathered based on different questions that the group came up with. Below are

some of the questions that were asked: 1. 2. What is the The Favourite Greek background? When did it open in the city? Brief summary Does the owner

have other restaurants in the city? How many?

3. What is the structure of The Favourite Greek? And How many? (chef/cooker, waiter, casher, driver..etc.) 4. Do they have more than one

branch/location? Does they follow the same structure as the main branch/location? If not, please explain!

5. What is the current IS (Information System) that The Favourite Greek using? And how many devices they are using? (Includes database, backup

storage, handheld devices, desktop computers, casher machines, printers, security cams…etc.) *Notes: When a customer comes and wants to order

something, what are the steps to take orders, recording and storing daily sales/supplies, recording list of suppliers, tracking inventory, delivery

orders …etc. 6. Do they have an emergency plan for IS (Information System) in case the current plan failed, and or in crises? E.g. Having backup

systems…. 7. Does The Favourite Greek have any threats/opportunities with current IS? How? 8. Do they have an official website, and if they have an

online order system? E.g. Orders for pickups, or reserve tables …etc. 9. Are you aware of what your competitors have in the case of IS?


References Dell. Poweredge t320 tower server. Retrieved from poweredge-t320/pd Menu drive. (n.d.). Retrieved from

Vassiliadis, G. (2013). Favorite greek restaurant.


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