Interior Analysis : commercial spaces in GTA

Your final essay in this class will consist of a critical research essay of approximately 6
pages (1500 words) exploring a public, commercial interior (shop, restaurant, hotel,
club) of your choosing, located in Toronto/the GTA. Your paper will examine its interior
design, analyzing the relationship between the design elements and the message,
feeling, or mood being communicated by this space. It should also interpret this space in
relation to relevant material from lectures and/or course readings. You should visit the
space, observing and recording your descriptions of its visual elements and impressions.
If possible, account for details about the design, including the designer, cost, dates, etc.
*Your paper should include one or more images of the space (not included in page
length) – whether archival/existing photos, or your own.
Bibliography: Your bibliography should list a minimum of 4 relevant research sources
(books, articles, e-resources, audiovisual materials, websites, archival materials) relating
to your topic (if not the specific interior, then the category/genre). These may include
materials from our course readings, in addition to the collections and research
databases available through the OCAD library; City of Toronto Public Archives;
interviews; academic journals; and popular magazines.
*In addition to your demonstrated understanding of course concepts and the
insightfulness of your analysis, your essay will be graded for grammar, syntax, and style.

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