Internally displacement in Nigeria: the Challenges of internal displac

Internally Displacement in Nigeria

1. Introduction:
Global displacement discussion, talk about it as a global problem that needs attention. its a global problem that requires attention ,more action and support for people affected.

talk about other types of displacements, e.g
forced displacement and internally dispacement and reasons why people are displaced.
try to state the difference between both and give examples.
talk briefly about organizations that assist in displacement situations and what humanitarian services they offer.

define internally displacement and reasons that often lead to this.

discuss the main objective of the paper and the flow of the paper (step by step progression)

2. Body:
Nature of displacement in Nigeria.

Causes of displacement in Nigeria
(Religious crisis/Insecurity/Natural disaster

Challenges faced by internally dispaced persons in Nigeria:
The realities of IDP Camps
problems associated with idp camps
the sufferings ( health ,food,shelter,environment,education,security,protection,

Response of the Government and other international/non-governemental organizations

some recommendations: what is the way forward and ways it could be better handled

3 Conclusion:


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