Task 2: “Answer the Question” (2-3 pages, single-space, Times New Roman with 12-font)
Based on your Task 1 and feedback from the instructor, you will identify a specific topic for in-depth analysis. You are expected to apply course knowledge in this essay. You need to address:
(1) What is the issue? Why did you choose to study this issue?
(2) What are the causes of the issue?
(3) How does it affect international business?
(3) How would you resolve this issue? (provide suggestions and explain why they will work)
(4) What does the interviewee think about your idea? (discuss your suggestions with the interviewee; describe his/her opinion; and explain why he/she thinks so)
(5) How would you revise your suggestions?
You must finish your analysis and come up with your own suggestions before going back to your interviewee. You must honestly report the interviewee’s feedback. In most cases, he/she will point out potential problems in your suggestions and provide constructive ideas. This is actually a key learning purpose of this task.

The feedback from the instructor is in the attachment. Also the Interview Task 1

TASK1 guidelines (for reference)
Task 1: “Find a Question” (1-2 pages, single-space)
Interview 1-2 people who are involved in international business. These people should have first-hand international business experience (such as importing, exporting, foreign direct investment, working with/for foreign companies or personnel). In this essay, you need to include:
(1) A brief description of your interviewee and his/her work;
(2) Key lessons the interviewee has learned from his/her international business experience;
(3) Main challenges the interviewee faces at work (specifically, you may ask “if you can hire consultants to help your international business, what tasks would you give them?)
(4) A specific topic you want to further explore in Task 2.

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