International business and law

Paper due: Friday, December 1 (Submitted in Class AND also submitted in the TurnItIn assignment below)
Presentations: Weeks 8 – 9
Points: 250
Topic: International Business and Law topic must be approved by professor (topic must include aspects of international business as well as law and may not duplicate concepts studied in depth in class).  Submit a hard copy of topic described in one or two sentences (handwritten is okay).  Topic submitted in class by Friday, November 10.
Paper: Length – 6 to 8 pages. Format – Double spaced, font size 12.  Bibliography – at least three sources, your textbook is acceptable as one source.  Sources must be cited within the paper, e.g., (Smith, p 4).
Presentation: Slides: must include a source page (minimum of three sources, your textbook is acceptable as one source).  Print a copy of your slides, including the bibliography, in handout form, 3 to 4 slides per page, to give to the professor on the day of your presentation. Length of presentation: individuals 6 to 7 minutes; Groups: 5 to 6 minutes each person, all members must present (groups may have 2 to 4 members maximum).  Be prepared to answer questions at the end of the presentation.  No need to ‘dress up’.

Writing assignments and presentations will be graded on the depth of the arguments, the analysis, coherence, and editing (grammar and mechanical correctness). Presentations are also graded on preparedness and presentation skills.  (250 points)


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