International Marketing Case Study
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A2. Case Studies:
a. Students will be required to discuss in writing in a 2 page report (approximately 500 words) an ethical position on a current environment business problem taken from a specified case and which considers the marketing, business and ethical implication of that position. Students will be given four scores based on their ability to: (1) identify an ethical position and provide factual support (G2O1); and (2) discuss one marketing, business and corporate implication of that position and provide a recommendation for the company course of action. (MRKT-LO4); and
b. Each student must choose two existing products or services that are currently offered in a global marketplace. For each, the student must survey the choice of marketing tools, including electronic and technological tools that support the promotion of the chosen product or service. One score is given based on the comprehension of the marketing mix and the ability to ascertain why the chosen tools are appropriate for the particular product or service (INTL-LO5).

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