International Marketing plan

International Marketing plan
Host & Home Market Analysis

You are to write a 2000-2500 words report analyzing two international markets in relation to Al Ain Diary, you should consider their home market (UAE) & potential host market (Saudi Arabia). You are to evaluate the ‘best’ market entry strategy to implement for your chosen company & country. You should reflect on the alternatives to support the decision you make, as well as the environmental & market analysis. The marketing plan should look to adapt the marketing mix of your product in line with conditions within the host market and your company’s objective for entering the host market.

The report needs to be word-processed and should follow the following format


1.0 Introduction – (200 – 250 words) outlining the purpose of the report (for example: this document is design to explain and to develop a marketing plan for … and it will include the entry mode, target segment, and marketing 4ps (don’t copy)), and introducing the organization that will form the basis of the work(target segment and 4 Ps), the need to analyze markets, the markets (home and away) that you intend to look at introducing the factors that you will address and, international market entry approaches (direct; intermediate, indirect)

2.0 Organization –(Briefly) expansion of the introduction, who the organization is, what they do, what they do, where they are located, what their product is and their

2.1 Strength & weakness
2.2 Competition in the market

3.0 Market Entry modes – (250-300 words) you should say what (which entry mode). Should consider the following market entry modes: direct (direct exporting & indirect exporting); intermediate (management contracts; joint ventures; franchising; licensing; contracted production); & direct (greenfield; acquisition).

4.0 Evaluation of market entry modes – (300-350 words) you should say why (evaluate the entry mode). Evaluation of the modes using criteria such as: company’s objective for entering the international market; the cost of set up; the risk of set up; the level of control the company has; the flexibility of the approach. Finally a decision should be made as to how the firm will enter the market (which entry mode) with a rationale. Which elements of the value chain will need to be provided in the host market; whether the entry will be growth or retrenchment in the market could also be considered.

5.0 Target segment & positioning – (300-350 words)talk briefly about target segment, what are the characteristic of the target segment

6.0 Marketing 4Ps
6.1 Product(200 words) Level of product adaptation (or not), how will your product be adapted for the market? You should consider the various product levels: Core product, basic product, and augmented product. Why you are adapting the product. The level of cultural grounding that your product has, and how this will contribute to your company’s objective by meeting market demands.

6.2 Price(200 words) The factors affecting the pricing level of your product, including: Costs, external factors, market entry factors (shipping cost, handling expenses, transportation costs, duties) positioning factors, company’s objective, strategic pricing options, profits levels, as well as the other Ps.

6.3 Place(200 words) you should consider your distribution strategies (direct, indirect ect. Intensive, selective, exclusive). This will have an important influence on your distribution in the host country. In addition you should also consider how you will choose partners (if this is the approach that you are going for) as this will have an impact on product image. Other areas to consider include: Retailers, wholesalers, import/export agents, warehousing.

6.4 Promotion (200 words) you should consider the variety of marketing communication tools, and the mix of tools that you will use and why (remember this will have a bearing on your costs), you should consider the AIDI factors with the 4 Cs & DRIP. You may need to consider how you will adjust the firm’s message (logo, brand, slogan etc.) for the host market given cultural, political differences/ restriction.

7.0 Conclusion(200-250 words) a consideration of all the factors presented and a summation of the potential for international development. Should summaries the key points regarding the market entry options, the factors that can be considered, what may affect the options, consideration of all the marketing mix decisions (products, price, place, promotion). Did you achieve your objectives as well as the company’s overall objective and the decision that they have made.

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