First Assignment:
Please watch the BBC documentary on the Cuban Missile Crisis of 1962 and pay particular attention to the three perspectives highlighted in the documentary, namely the US, Cuban, and the USSR points of view.
Concisely summarize the crisis in 500 words (one page singled spaced or two pages double-spaced). Be sure to compare and contrast the three different perspectives explored in the documentary. Additionally, please explain how you think the Cuban Missile Crisis affected each country’s image of the other.
Important: Remember this is a formal writing assignment. Consequently poor word usage, grammar, and logical reasoning will impact your grade.”

Second Assignment:
Please watch the movie entitled, “Lord of the Flies” and answer the four questions below in 750 words. Be sure to provide references to the film wherever necessary. Remember the purpose of this exercise is for you to highlight how the movie helps you better understand the fundamental assumptions of Realism.
1. Briefly summarize the plot of the movie and its relevance to Realism. (300 words)
2. What function does the beast serve in Lord of the Flies? (150 words)
3. How is the beast both a source of irrational fear and a mobilizer of fear? (150 words)
4. If the fear that motivates conflict in Lord of the Flies is located in the beast, what are the implications of this for the realist argument that, “international anarchy is the permissive cause of war”? (150 Words)

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