To complete this assignment, please watch the three clips in our class file from the movie Home Of The Brave.  The clips illustrate some of the struggles of a soldier returning to civilian life following a lengthy tour of duty in Iraq.  As you complete the assignment, please remember to consider the African-American culture as well as the culture of military families.

1.  For the purpose of the assignment, you are working in an outpatient mental health center.  The school referred the family to you for counseling.  You are meeting with them for the first time.  What specific cultural considerations are important to think about as you approach each of the family members?  What initial information will be important to gather in the initial meeting?  Thinking about intunement, how do you think each family member might respond? Why?

2.  Consider the Work Phase of interviewing with Will, the father.  Compare and contrast the similarities and differences in working with Will strictly based on the medical model vs. using clinical skills such as tuning in.

3.  Consider the Elaborating Skills and Empathic Skills and the three main family members (mother, father, son).  Which of the skills might be most useful with which family members?  Why?

4.  As the social worker assigned to this case, what countertransference issues are likely to come up for you?  How would you address your feelings about the case?  How might a worker’s feelings about this family impact their work with the family?

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