In Community Component Part 1, you came up with a list of at least five (5) community resources/agencies, contact information and brief summary of services provided by each resource/agency. From this list, select one that you would ideally chose to work with if you had the chance to implement a strategy in addressing your area of concern. Establish contact with someone within the agency and set a date and time when you may conduct the interview. This may be done in person or over the phone. Before the interview date prepare a list of questions to ask. Some beginning questions to focus on would be
His or her
educational background
history with the company

The background and history of the agency/organization
What services they presently provide within the community (and what services related to your area of concern)
How they reach out and recruit or make the community aware of these services
What their greatest obstacles or limitations are
What future growth, goals, and direction the company is focusing on
What services he or she wish the organization could provide (especially in relation to the area of concern)
What ways he or she partners with other organizations or agencies within the community
Feel free to ask additional questions and include any other information you feel is relevant. After conducting the interview, take time to review the responses—what did you find particular interesting, or insightful, and/or relevant to the area of concern? Come up with three insights that you will use as the basis for your interview summary and reflection. The paper should be double-spaced and organized in the following way:
Introduction: Provide a brief explanation of why you selected this agency or organization.
Body: Write a paragraph (with a topic sentence) for each of the three. Identify three topics from the interview that were particularly interesting, or insightful, and/or relevant to the area of concern from the interview. For each paragraph, integrate examples from the interview to support each of your topic sentences. You can include a direct quote or paraphrase what your contact said in the interview. You can also incorporate information you find on the organization’s Web site, if that helps to clarify something your contact said during the interview.
Conclusion: Provide your thoughts, reaction, and reflection of the interview.
Appendix: Include a list of the questions you asked in the interview and his or her responses


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