Interview Questions for family health assessment

Interview Questions for family health assessmentValues, health perceptions
1. What values do you share as a family?
2. Were there any health complications in this family?
3. What healrth issues did family members have to say? If so, how was it dealt with?
1. How many balanced meals do you eat per day?
2. Do you prefer cooking the meals yourself, or would you rather buy the meals?
3. Are there any issues in getting healthy nutrition?
1. On average, how many hours do you sleep a day?
2. What is your pattern of going to bed or waking up in terms of timing?
3. Is it comfortable for you where you sleep, bed or couch?
1. Are there any problems you are having with elimination, bowel or bladder?
2. If so, what are those challenges?
3. How do you deal with these issues?
1. How physically active are you? Do you do any types of exercises?
2. If so, what types of exercises are you involved in?
3. Do you attend any particular fitness center or fitness club?
1. What is your IQ ?
2. Have you ever taken the intelligence quotient test?
3. Do you participate in any cognitive activities, if yes how often?
1. Are you having any problems with your senses?
2. How would you describe each of them?
3. Have you had any visits with your sensory deficits?
1. What are your strongest values?
2. Is your attitude in life a positive or a negative approach?
3. Can you describe and elaborate whether it is positive or negative?
Role relationship
1. How many friends do you have?
2. Would you say you keep in touch with them on a regular basis?
3. How do you maintain your relationship, be it friends or partner?
1. Are you sexually active?
2. If so, how often?
3. Do you practice safe sex, or any form of protection?
1. Have you ever dealt with any kinds of issues whether it is physicall or mental that may have affected your family?
2. Are you speaking with your family members about these issues?
3. How do you deal with these stressors, or issues?

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