Introduction To Business

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Analyzing a Fortune 100 Company Instructions During this course, you will analyze a Fortune 100 company. Each week, you will conduct research on your chosen company and address questions relevant to the week’s topics. This week, you will select the company that you will use throughout the course. Conduct a search in Google using the terms “Fortune 100 Best Companies to Work For.” The first hit will be for Fortune Magazine’s Best 100 Companies ( Click on the link and you’ll see the top ten winners at the top of the page. You can select a company from the top ten, but you are welcome to use any company in the top 100. To access the entire list, click on “Access Full List.” Click on the company and read the summary. Following that, access the company’s website to read more about the company. For this week’s assignment, address the following: Provide a brief summary (in your own words) of the company and explain what the company does. Consider the degrees of competition that you learned about this week (perfect competition, monopolistic competition, oligopoly, and monopoly). Discuss which category your chosen company falls under. Be sure to justify your thoughts. Considering job growth and revenue, discuss how the company is doing. Also consider the company’s external environment and discuss why you think the company is doing well. Either number your answers or use a separate paragraph for each. Do not copy word for word from any of the websites you visit. Also, at the bottom of your assignment, include the URL addresses of the websites. Submit your assignment as an attached Word document in the dropbox by the last day of the academic week. Select “Week 1 Assignment Research” from the basket dropdown menu in the dropbox. Be sure to check for spelling/grammar before submitting. This assignment is worth 100 points. Research Assignment Grading Rubric Refer to the following grading criteria when writing your response to the assignment questions.

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