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Respond to the following (150 words)  in regards to this lick: watching this video
it was apparent that Jeff Skoll has a lot of passion for making films and not
just the everyday run of the mill films but films that are meant to inspire
people to affect change. One of his films brought a lot of attention to a the
violence against women act that was getting ready to be renewed by Bush and
seemed to have a lot of influence in the renewal. Another film inspired and
educated people on global warming. Jeff Skoll invented and co-owns E-Bay
however this business venture was solely meant to help finance his true passion
to make films that influence positive change. As a young adult he would read a
lot because it was better than the alternative of being beaten up by his
sister. Films that really resonated with him were informative films like Ghandi
and Shindler’s list. I learned that films can be used to educate people and
inspire people to get involved. In the learning activity we were talking about
what movies have to offer other than entertainment value and Jeff’s films offer
insight and inspiration.

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