Issue related to Mississippi Healthcare Policy or Healthcare Organization
Purpose: To demonstrate students’ ability to apply learned knowledge, skills and attitudes to experiences and events and reflect on professional roles and behaviors.

A Reflective Journal is a series of ‘writings’ in response to life experiences and events that may also contains reflections on what took place, express emotions, understandings & conclusions, lessons learned or action plans. A reflective journal entry is a conversation between the student and faculty and follows the four components of the Focused Conversation Method. Often you hear the method called by its acronym ORID.

Objective Data Describe a situation related to the assigned course topics in health policy, organization and/or finance. This may be an event you witnessed or read about, or it could be a personal experience. Who was involved and what did you see or hear?
Reflective Data Describe your reaction; often an emotion or a feeling. This is what tells you the situation is important and worth writing about.
Interpretive Data Try to explain what you read, heard or observed. Use concepts from the course here!
Decisional Data Make a plan about what you will do when you are in a similar situation or what you need to learn to do differently to manage or influence the situation next time.
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