Issues in Contemporary Political Thought

Directions: Answer EACH of the questions below. A complete answer for EACH QUESTION should take the form of NOT LESS THAN FIVE (5) TYPEWRITTEN PAGES. You should undertake as much research as necessary in order to answer the questions completely and thoroughly. Each question should have its own works cited page, which is NOT included in the FIVE (5) PAGE PER QUESTION MINIMUM LENGTH REQUIREMENT. This FINAL EXAMINATION must be UPLOADED TO MOODLE by 12:00 noon on SATURDAY, MAY 7, 2016.

In the current Presidential election, two candidates who would be considered “outside of the mainstream” in previous elections: Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders have made considerable progress towards obtaining their respective party’s nominations. How do you explain the reasons for their success? Pay special attention to their message and from whom they are derive the majority of their support.
A major portion of the public discourse in the current election cycle has focused on immigration policy? In your opinion, what should be the United States immigration policy? After summarizing the policy, explain three (3) arguments both for and against that policy.

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