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Order Description
The exactly topic is ‘Using one of the four main political ideologies taught in this unit, critique government’s role in funding higher education in Australia. Given the increased focus on graduate employability, discuss the efficacy of state funding of skills training that will ultimately benefit businesses.’

The subject of this essay is ‘Government Business Relations’.
The word limit must be between 720 – 880,
It’s due date is Thursday, 7 April 2016, 5:00 PM.

Assessment Criteria
This section is to be read in conjunction with section 6h: Additional Information. Assessment criteria includes the information provided in this unit outline, information provided in lectures, tutorials and online discussions (in particular Module 1), and the additional information provided at the end of this section. Failure to read this unit outline or to attend classes (or participate online) does not constitute grounds for special consideration or review of results. Students are expected to have the capacity and commitment to attend class or to actively participate in online discussions. Students who are unable to commit to attending classes should enrol in the online (ONL) mode for this unit.

Formative versus Summative Assessment
Formative assessment is designed to provide you with a low-risk opportunity to develop your skills – in this case, essay writing. The first assignment provides you with feedback and an opportunity to resubmit a fail assignment for a maximum of a pass grade. The idea is that you learn from the activity with minimal impact on your overall grade. Summative assessment is designed to assess the skills you have learnt in the formative assessment activity. Summative assessment in this case is a major assignment that can significantly impact your overall grade. However, having completed the formative assessment, students will have had ample opportunity to develop and practise their skills and receive feedback before attempting the major essay.

Students are to use at least 5 different sources (references) to provide at least 5 different in-text references in their essay. At least one reference is to be a journal article. Students are to write the essay in full prose, using appropriate paragraphs (approximately 100-150 words each paragraph), and a variety of high quality, academic sources (references) in order of quality from highest to lowest as follows:
1. Academic journal articles;
2. Academic books, including edited books;
3. Reports from international institutions such as the OECD and World Bank;
4. News media articles;
5. Government websites; and
6. Websites from businesses, industry groups, consumer groups or professional bodies
A reference list (a list of the references actually cited in-text) must be included as part of the essay (separate files will not be accepted). The reference list must use a recognised scholarly referencing system using the author/date format. All information relating to the reference is to be included – if you cannot find the year of publishing or the author, then it is probably not an appropriate academic reference. Page numbers are required for in-text references.

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