Jared Diamond’s The World Until Yesterday
Paper Details
From your reading of Jared Diamond’s The World Until Yesterday, especially the chapter titled Epilogue: At Another Airport, what features of traditional societies are important not only for the modern world but especially for your personal life interests and development?
Your essay should be 350 – 400 words long (state your actual word count), and the assignment is worth 10 points. The essay should not be a simple list of features but a discussion of how aspects of the lifestyle in traditional societies may present possible options for alternative lifestyle in modern societies. There is no right or wrong answer. It is an essay in critical thinking, comparative analysis and thoughtful reflection.
The marking scheme for the essay is as follows:
Category Points
Content: (i) relevance & accuracy 3

(ii) Originality 3

Language: (i) Grammar 1
(ii) Spelling and punctuation 1

Writing style: Organization 1
Reference documentation 1

Length: (i) Too long ( > 400) -2
(ii) Too short ( < 350) -2
No Word Count indication: -1

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