Jeremy Bentham argued that codification should replace common law. Either defend or criticize his view. It might be helpful to analyze the particular reasons he put forward for it (or the reasons he imagined someone might be against it).

The first essay should be 5-7 pages double spaced with standard margins in regular font.
Please include your name, a title for the paper, which essay this is (in this case, #1), which topic you are writing on (topic 1, topic 2, …), and which course this is for (Phil Law).

What I’m looking for in the papers:
A clear thesis
A clear and original defense of the thesis – that is, an argument for the thesis.
Evidence of effort
Evidence of background research including citations (MLA, Chicago, … doesn’t matter) and a reference section (reference section does not count toward page length).

I am against Jeremy’s idea of codification.

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