MLA style, not more than 1000 words, citations included (c) Research project = 30% of final mark
Students will be required to produce a written text of 1,000 words (maximum) on DIN A4 paper, leaving 1,5 spaces between lines and using Times New Roman 12, in accordance with one of the following, involving the set text of their choice + another piece of writing or artistic expression:-

(i) the novel + another text by the same author (e.g. a short story, an essay, diary material, letters …)
(ii) the novel + a theoretical text, not focusing specifically on the novel but related to it (e.g. Henrik Ibsen, Henri Bergson, Jean-Paul Sartre)
(iii) the novel + the visual arts (e.g. a painting, a film – though not a film version of any of the set texts)
(iv) the novel + a musical text (e.g. Arnold Schönberg, Igor Stravinsky)

The object of the exercise is to (i) explain the choice which has been made and (ii) argue the connections between the novel + the chosen other text. Any complementary material (e.g. illustrations) should be presented together with the essay in a file.

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