Paragraph A: States your response to the question posted for the day’s assignment and one good objection to that response. Your response must be supported by reasons that others might find persuasive, and must include a response to the objection you raise. This section should be about a page long.

Paragraph B: Cites a quotation (no more than two sentences) from the day’s reading assignment that can be a reason in support of either your response or the objection to your response in (A). The student must clearly explain how the quotation counts as a supporting reason. This section should be no more than half a page long. Students cannot cite a quotation that has been cited in the professor’s Power Point Lecture covering that reading assignment.

Paragraph C: Discusses a recent current event or statistic from a reputable news source (not a blog) and clearly explain how it directly relates to a question posed for the day’s paper assignment. NOTE: You must discuss in your own words and in sufficient detail the news article you cite; on a separate page you must provide the complete bibliographical citation of your news source containing the name of the author, title of article, and the webpage address on which it was posted.

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