Imagine you are a CEO or president of your current company or an actual large multinational corporation. To improve your leadership skills you want to make sure you understand your business and the work environment and what is going on. You decide to go undercover in your organization and report your findings.
Answer the following questions in your paper:

–Describe your company, what you do/product, how many employees worldwide, divisions, etc.
–What countries does your company reside in? What cultural aspects do you need to be aware of? How do you handle those aspects?
–What is the company‚Äôs vision/mission statement and goals?
–What leadership styles are used by your managers /supervisors worldwide; how are they blended to meet the organizations goals?
–What leadership qualities do you want in your managers, leaders, supervisors, employees and why.
–What Ethical and social responsibilities do you uncover that may need to be addressed and how?
–Perform SWOT analysis on your company
–What planning process along with TQM or Six Sigma tools do your leaders use to produce your products (and /or produce a quality service) , are they using them correctly, what do they accomplish? . Give at least two examples of tools such as the Fishbone, 5 Whys, DMAIC, Value Stream mapping, FMEA, Control charts used at your company.
–Does your company have any Joint Ventures, are they successful and why?
–Evaluate your leaders worldwide and how it has impacted the business, how will you develop your leaders and showcase their performance. How will it affect other leaders in your organization?

You can add other aspects we have learned about in our readings such as expats, etc.

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