Josh Kosman, The Buyout of America and Michael Hudson, The Bubble and Beyond


Essay on these two books Josh Kosman, The Buyout of America and Michael Hudson, The Bubble and Beyond


Book #1:the Josh Kosman, The Buyout of America

• Read Josh Kosman, The Buyout of America: Introduction and chapters 1, 3, 5 and 6-8

Book #2 Michael Hudson, The Bubble and Beyond

• Read Michael Hudson, The Bubble and Beyond Intro, chapter 1 and 2 Read 3, 4, 6, 8, 11 and 12.
To read book Michael Hudson, The Bubble and Beyond I have the kindle version on Amazon.
Got to and use my account to access the readings
My account name is: all lower case
Password: Raga2586 capitalize the R only everything else lowercase

#1. write 4 pages Essay on concentrating bellow topic:

Below is a summarized outline related to our final memorandum.
Readings on: 1. Josh Kosman, The Buyout of America
2. Michael Hudson, The Bubble and Beyond
Theses: something in the long of…U.S. economic system benefits small group of people (investors, mangers, and tiny board of directors). When the majority of population mainly the working

class and poor have no power and are excluded from decision-making processes, there can be no democracy. How the economy system works to benefit and empower the rich (1%) and leave

every one else (99%) dry. There needs to be an alternative to the capitalism thinking one that works for and helps the economy as a whole.

I want you to concentrated on these topics when writing the paper (Memorandum).
• Distribution of income is unequal (1% demanding more from the 99% well wages are stagnant). The system as it is operating now is stacked against the lower 99%; the playing field is hardly

• How firms always find ways make profit at the coast of employees (exploit people more and more).
• How the corporate level, financial engineering is more about raising stock prices than new tangible capital investment to expand their business.
• Mention how the 1% dominates the political sector throwing ‘big money’ to lobbyist to fight their plans in the legislation branch (government) and media. That political setting does not

supported large portion of our population in terms of power and voice.
• How we cannot grow our way out of debt with a debt burden as enormous as it is today.
End with saying how the economy will not get better unless the government set heave rules against these corporation and CEO who are taking high ricks in investing in bad credits and win and

losing getting on top. Also to stop political system in bedding is corporations and bad banks.
• The government needs to create some kind of law (bill) that protects the interest of working class?
• To develop an *ethical economic practice (Buyout of America) approach to capitalism, particularly through the elaboration of a discourse of class difference (gab between rich and poor) in a

democratic fashion.
• With citation, please keep it simple (Author , Page.) or ( Author ,Chapter )

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