Complete the pre-writing handout for WP #3 — Play the “yes, but,” and “it depends” game. To do this, choose a claim from the Hood, Patterson, Twitchell or Kron reading. For the “yes” part, explain first why the claim is right. Then provide a “but” part – explain why the claim is not true. As you do this, you will also come up with some “it depends” statements. Discuss these three categories and provide some reasoning/evidence to support your view. You can use the information in your journals, your own experience or observations AND support OR examples from the readings.

books: Two Cheers for Materialism – James Twitchell
Passion for Possessions: Mine! – Bruce Hood
The Semiotics of Home Décor – Joan Kron
Profiles in Splurging – Randall Patterson

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