kate middleton as an effective leader

prepare a two-page, typed summary of the research
MLA format including a works cited page

• Provide a short summary of the article about your leader.

• Research article must be properly cited within the text and provide a works cited page.

• Course material must be used and cited in the written report.

• Reference the leader’s traits and skills that support the 5 Characteristics of an Effective Leader.

• Leader chosen needs to demonstrate the 5 Characteristics of an Effective Leader. As a reminder, an effective leader:

o Challenges the Process

o Inspires a Shared Vision

o Models Behavior

o Enables Others to Act

o Encourages the Heart

the articles will be based on these links, but please if you can find any more articles that you can add to my essay, please do add and cite it. any articles that are more relatable to my topic that is how kate middleton is an effective leader





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