key human resources issue in the workplace and to discuss potential implications for human resources planning.


Your paper should include:

•An overview of the topic and what will be discussed in the paper
•Explain why it is an important issue for the workplace from the human resources field’s point of view
•Discuss the implications this topic has for human resources planning (recruitment issues, legal issues, retention issues, policies, organizational

change, organizational culture)
•A comprehensive summary of the information discussed in the paper

The term paper must cite at least three (3) scholarly resources (e.g. books, magazine articles, internet articles, etc.) using the APA style of

citing references.

•Please use the Library Online (available in the course menu)
•You may NOT use your textbook as a source (you may use it to help you decide on a topic and what information will be needed to fully explain your

topic; however, once this is decided, you should not refer to your text for this assignment).
•You may NOT use Wikipedia or a Wikipedia like source for this paper. Wikipedia may be used as a guide for locating additional information (refer to

the sources they present); however, it (or any other site like it) will not be considered a valid source for this assignment.
If you are not sure of your writing skills or formatting for this assignment, you may submit the paper to the Online Tutoring service (SmartThinking)

before submitting your final paper to me for grading. You must allow at least 48 hours for the Online Tutor to respond to your request. If you are

near the main New Castle Campus, you may utilize the personal tutoring service available (refer to for

information about tutoring and hours).


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