1. Read the chapter The khanqah of Sultan Faraj Ibn Barquq (135-138) from the book Islamic Architecture in Cairo an Introduction by Doris Behrens- which i posted .

2. Paraphrase the information you read

3. Find another academic reference that talks about the monument. This can be the book
Dictionary of Islamic Architecture, posted on Blackboard, or www.archnet.org. Paraphrase the information in this other reference. DO NOT use references from google or Wikipedia.

4. Combine the paraphrased information into a form of a short research paper. Your work should follow these guidelines:
a. DO NOT copy/paste – copy/paste is considered plagiarism.
b. DO NOT decorate your paper
c. Every piece of information should be referenced by footnotes– you get them from: insert – footnote or references – insert footnotes: USE THE CHICAGO MANUAL OF STYLE AS CITATION GUIDE http://www.chicagomanualofstyle.org/tools_citationguide.html
d. Word count: 400-600
e. Include pictures. Pictures should be scanned from the book or your other academic
reference. DO NOT use pictures from Wikipedia or google.
f. Have a cover page with your name, course title, section number, the paper’s title and
SPRING 2016.

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