Kitchen Best: Ethics When Doing Cross-Boundary Business in Southern China” by Say Goo (2011).

1) Briefly Summarize the case, (Intro/situation)
2) Explain the major problem(s) (Problems)
3) (Cause of Problems)
4) (Action Plan) Propose and defend your solutions/decisions to the major problem(s)
A) Solve these problems using analytical arguments supported by the followingtheories and concepts:
B) Corporate Social Responsibility, Utilitarianism, Cost-Benefit Analysis, Kantian Ethics, Shareholder theory, Shareholder Primacy, Marxism, Social Darwin, Demand Curve, Supply Curve, Oligopoly, Monopoly, Confucianism, Peter Winch’s Meaningful Theory, Kurt Lewin’s Organizational Change Model.
5) Evaluations/Conclusions
6) Add graphs or Charts to support solutions and decisions


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