case study on a knowledge management plan.
add which knowledge management is being incorporated
who what when where why
include : Knowledge management map
what did you learn, and how will it be different the next go around?
what is a knowledge management plan and how does it work
Title page with name of case/project, date, course

name/#/section, your name (s) and professor’s name, school name, division/department

2 .Introduction stating the background to your paper and how you intend to organize and research to research project. This portion of the assignment (WIP) would also include a thorough background reading linking to you working bibliography.

Define and describe ALL terminologies to be used in your paper and what are the sources for your definitions (remember Wikipedia or Investopedia are not sources, but merely unsubstantiated leads).

4. Define and describe what you intend to show/demonstrate in your case study and analysis

5. What kinds of additional data are you introducing (describe and give

6. Give website links you are and would be searching for relevant

7. Give a working bibliography divided in to two sections
b. Sources already consulted
c. Sources you intend to consult

8. Appendices you intend to include such as additional graphs, charts, etc.

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