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Topic: Law and Religion

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Essay Question: Is it right for the law to intervene with one’s freedom to refuse medical treatment? Discuss in relation to religious freedom.
the coursework should be narrowed down to discuss jehovas witnesses children as they have a tendency to refuse medical treatment , the idea is the law has a certain age restriction on when can a patient willingly refuse medical treatment
so the purpose of the coursework is to disscuss this area of religion in relation to children of jehovas witnesses cases and possibly draw a different example but not go off topic.
we should draw a comparison between this being a religion and law point of view
cases must be discussed , in addition to this journal articles and other reports should be mentioned preferably something with a legal background..
it may be a coursework on religion but the law part is very essential
the coursework
advisable sources:
these are not the only sources i want you to use but do have a look at them as they are relevant
Law & Justice
Ecclesiastical Law Journal
Religion & Human Rights, BRILL
Public Law
JM (a child), Re [2015] EWHC 2832 (Fam)
Lambert & Ors v France [2015] ECHR 545
Ian McEwan, The law versus religious belief, The Guardian, Sept. 2014,
Re C (adult: refusal of medical treatment) [1994] 1 All ER 819.
Nottinghamshire Healthcare NHS Trust v RC [2014] EWCOP 1317.

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