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Submit a PowerPoint presentation consisting of 7-15 slides in which you present your research project and its findings to an audience of your peers. Within Unit V, you were required to discuss and implement one of the theories discussed on pages 55-76 of your course textbook. Within the PowerPoint Presentation for Unit VIII, please address the theory you decided to implement in your research project and the concepts you learned from integrating this specific theory. The PowerPoint presentation should contain the following slides:
? Title slide
? Content slides (Note: You must have 7-15 content slides.)
o At least three slides address the theory you picked for your research project. Explain or illustrate the concept(s) you learned from implementing this theory into your research project.
? Reflection slide(s)
o On your reflection slide(s), please explain the top three ideas/concepts that you will be taking away from this research project. Under each idea, please explain how you plan to integrate these ideas in your future endeavors.
? References slide
o You are required to use a minimum of two (2) sources. All sources used, including the textbook, must be cited and referenced according to APA standards.

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