Leadership Development Plan

1. Complete the questionnaires in the Leadership Assessments packet:
a. Leadership Traits
b. Leadership Strengths
c. Leadership Styles
d. Task and Relationship Focus
e. Conflict Styles
Follow the instructions in the document for how to score each questionnaire.
2. Respond to the following in a two-page paper:
a. Analyze your questionnaire results. What do they tell you about your current
approach to leadership? Do you agree with the results? Explain why or why not,
using examples from your work, school, and/or personal experiences to help make
your points.
b. Identify one leadership skill you would like to develop/improve this semester and
explain the reason for your choice. I will give some examples in class to help
orient you.
c. List two to three action steps you will take this semester to develop this skill. You
will report on your progress in Part II of the paper later this semester, so be sure to
set goals that are specific, realistic and will allow you to measure the progress
you’ve made.
3. Format for the paper:
a. Include a cover sheet with the title “Leadership Development Plan, Part I” along
with your name, date, and class section. Do not repeat this information in the
body of the paper.
b. The body of the paper should be two pages, double-spaced, with one-inch margins
and no larger than 12-point Times New Roman type.
c. Include your completed Leadership Assessments questionnaires in an Appendix at
the end of your paper (do not upload as a separate document – include them in the

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